Tinxuan Is specialized in supplying oil, gas, electric heating steam boilers, hot water boilers, biomass-fired boilers and other energy saving and environmental-protective equipment, which is a licensed B-class boiler manufacturer with the U.S.ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineers) factory authentication and ISO9000:2008 quality system certification.


WNS Horizontal Steam Boiler

Sweeping function after preset can improve working conditions of burner and extend its service life, The unique design of the large burning chamber can increase the radiation of hearth heating area and reduce the volume of the boiler and NOx emissions; Smoke pipes box around boiler uses multi-level sealing approaches, which is easy for maintenance of the smoke box; Furnace pipe is arranged low with a large range of water level safety.


LWS Vertical Shell Steam Boiler

Containing no water pipes or fire tubes, which is exempt from exploding of tubes 2, Boiler will not burn because of scaling, which reduces the maintenance cost, The upper ring large steam room and separation measures for boiler and steam below water can ensure the availability of high-quality steam, Double W-shaped four-pass has big heat transfer coefficient and full heat exchange, low exhaust temperature, high thermal efficiency and long service life.


LSS Vertical Tube Steam Boiler

 Start quickly ,can realize temperature and pressure rise during a short period of time.
2. Forced circulation, full combustion, reducing NOx emissions.
3. With multi chain protection for water level, steam pressure, overheating.
4. External steam and water separator has national invention patent.
5. Vertical structure is compact and beautiful, which saves space and easy for installation.