Since many years, hammermills are used in various industries and nowadays often play an important role in production facilities. The most hammermill grinders are used in the animal feed industry, but also in other industries like Biomass, hammermills are found.

Grinding of products like saw dust and wood chips for fuel purpose are nowadays very common. Grinding of tough, fibrous products require stronger and more heavy duty machinery.
For grinding pet foods and aquatic feeds also other demands apply. The ability of fine grinding at high capacity requires hammermill features like large screen area, high tip speeds and a small clearance between hammer and screen.
The hammermills of the Champion product line have been designed to suit each specific grinding requirement.

Specialized for the fine grinding of pre-crushed various brokens in feed, food and oilseed industries. Pre-broken coarse initial materials like cereal grains, oil cakes and meal in particular.

  • High capacity

Patented axial air inlet and water drop shaped step grinding structure and tuning technology for optimal grinding; widened grinding surface(1.5 times of normal), capacity increase 25% possible.

  • Stable performance

Rigid structure, optimal hammer arrangement and dynamically balanced high-precision rotor, stable running and low noise; reversible rotation, long service life.

  • Friendly operation

Patented one-step screen hold-down device and fully-open sliding doors, easy access and maintenance; CE standard design for human & machine safety.

  • Customized solution

We offer customized solutions for machine size, feeder, screen, aspiration system and underneath hopper etc.