Palletizers are machines that place goods on pallets in an orderly fashion. They come in many different configurations to handle a multitude of different packaging, incoming material lines, and automation requirements. Specific palletizers are available to handle bags, pails, drums, crates, cases, and kegs, etc. Many of these devices are configured to handle more than one package style.According to the servey,Commercial palletizers are available as fully automatic and semi-automatic devices. Fully automatic machines perform their function without operator intervention.



Shrink wrap machines apply heat to shrink a plastic film around a product. This process is often done by automated equipment, but manual and semi-automatic shrink wrap machines are also available. Shrink wrap machines cover the item, and then sent it through a heat tunnel or oven for shrinking. They are used to wrap many different types of packaging, including aerosol containers, bags or pouches, blister packs, bottles or jars, cans, capsules, cartridges, cases, cups or trays, drums or kegs, pallets, tubes, vials, and other packaging containers. Specialized and proprietary shrink wrap machines are also available for a variety of applications and industries.



We have been specially engaged in design,production and sales of manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic labeling machines since 1992,with a complete series divided into normal and special kinds.
These products are applied to various operations such as sticking a label on plane, post surface, single side or multi-sides of a package, sticking labels covering part or all of the surface of a cylinder, or sticking on sunken locations and at edges or corners.
Now Yongchuang can offer simple and economical solutions in China according to your requirements.
Machine function
The machine was controlled by PLC, whose design refers to France technology. The main accessories are purchased from Taiwan or overseas brand which have logical design, harmonious movement, steady capability, and also have not only label odd but also dual stick-label ability, you will find they are convenient, exact. And even label, could used in different spec circinal bottles and different dimension label.



Drafting unit of Chinese National Standard of Case Sealer Machine

Drafting unit of Chinese National Standard of Strapping machine

Have passed Moody international ISO9000 in 2002, and passed CE in 2004

Occupying over 70% market share of ChinaTechnical characteristics and performances have been refined and improved by us, according to years in the pallet packaging machinery manufacturing experience. All of the using materials are of high quality and the high technical standards for all mechanical and electronic components merge with highly efficient and precise assembling and testing procedures; this leads to the high performance production, safe and durable products. ROTOPLAT stretch wrapping machines have always been synonym to reliability, easy use and maintenance, and most of all, to strict compliance with safety rules and standards.