Tinxuan conditioners provide the optimum preparation of raw materials prior to pelleting in the Feed, Oilseed, Biomass and other industries. The optimum conditioning of the product ensures you to get the highest performance out of a Tinxuan pellet mill. The gain of good conditioning is a higher production throughput, better pellet durability and improved digestibility at reduced pellet mill power consumption. This makes it very worth while to study which Tinxuan conditioner suits your production requirement best.

All the Tinxuan conditioners are made from stainless steel, have a very stable design and allow an easy installation on top of the pellet mill. A specially designed feeder screw feeds the conditioner with a controlled product quantity. A permanent magnet between the feeder screw and conditioner provides extra safety against tramp metal. The conditioner is equipped with a specially designed mixing shaft. The mixer barrel provides special inlet ports for steam, molasses and other type of liquids.